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This elegant bowl in jet – or black – terra cotta pottery is 5 3/4" wide by 4" high. Its lid – with no cutout for a spoon – is pewter and has concentric circles, and the glass on the bowl has been handpainted and fired on.

The registered design number in Great Britain, Rd. No. 184973, dates to 1891. The proprietor is listed as The Strines Printing Company, 19 George Street, Manchester, Lancashire, class 10: printed fabrics. (See more info below the photos.)

(Photos by John Degrafft - click on images to see larger pictures)

At right is a very similar bowl is shown in a 1913 Albert Pick & Co. catalog. At the bottom of this page is a photo from a 1911 L. Barth and Co. catalog showing a much larger version of this same bowl – something to keep on my wish list, but still nothing to tell me who made it!

In January 2013, a coffee set on auction on ebay showed a very similar pattern and backstamp on a jet base, and it carried the mark of Gibson & Sons Ltd., located at Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent, England, circa 1905.

In looking more closely at Gibson & Sons as a possible manufacturer – they were known for their jet wares – I found that the company's work was included in the 1892 Chicago Exposition, and an 1894 catalog advertised that the company received the "highest award" at the fair. This makes me wonder – if the bowl were made by Gibson & Sons – that it might have been sold at the Chicago Exposition as a souvenir at Great Britain's pavilion. If anyone can add any information to this mystery piece, please let me know!




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