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Horn & Hardart is known as the first and most successful chain of automats in New York City and Philadelphia. The first one opened in Philadelphia in 1902; 10 years later, two opened in New York in 1912, one at Times Square and one near Union Square.

From this 2007 New York City document by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, "The Horn & Hardart Co., established in 1911, was the New York subsidiary of the Horn & Hardart Baking Co. of Philadelphia, which had been incorporated in 1898 by Joseph V. Horn and Frank A. Hardart."

This flip is topmarked with Horn & Hardart Baking Company. (Click photo for a larger image.)

Its glass manufacturer and pattern are unknown. The silverplate lid was made by Poole Silver Co., located in what was known as Silver City, Taunton, Mass. The company was founded in 1893 and purchased by Towle Mfg. in 1971.





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