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The Bailey-Walker China Co. was located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, from 1923 to 1942. (It became Walker China Co., in 1942.)















Charleroy Eating House was located at Flushing, Long Island, New York. This is the only topmarked pottery flip found to date, and in addition, tan-bodied flips are extremely rare. Its backstamp is shown below, for Macdonald & Gehm, Inc., a New York distributor. This piece would date circa 1938.

This rare Pink Willow - the only one found so far - also has the Macdonald & Gehm backstamp:

Below: bowls in green and red in two sizes, backstamped Bailey-Walker China Company (same as above). The lids were made by Utilities Specialties. Estimated date on these pieces, based on the open-book bacstamp, is 1923 - 1942.




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