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Glasgow Pottery - John Moses & Sons Co.
Glasgow Pottery - John Moses & Sons Co.
Glasgow Pottery - John Moses & Sons Co.

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The Glasgow Pottery Co. of Trenton, N.J., was founded in 1863 by John Moses.

According to the book "Marks of American Potters" by Edwin Atlee Barber, "The principal products have been white granite and cream-colored wares, thin hotel and steamboat china."

This flip is chipped, discolored and crazed, which would be typical of very old, non-vitrified ware. Upon close inspections it shows a hint of the metallic gold lines that once outlined the wide maroon band on either side and seems to mirror Barber's description of some of the pottery's work: "John Moses is credited with the introduction of color decoration on table and toilet sets, which in the early pieces consisted of plain color bands and gold lines."

According to the Trenton City Museum, Glasgow Pottery "quickly became one of the largest and most successful in Trenton. ... The pottery continued in operation until shortly after the death of Moses in 1902 at which time the plant was acquired by the Maddock Company."

From china historian Larry Paul, "Thomas Maddock's Son's Co. purchased the Glasgow Pottery in 1906."

The bowl's backstamp with its lion and unicorn holding between them what appears to be a ceramic vessel with shield within, is well-documented as being one of the later backstamps used by Glasgow Pottery, with its Ironstone China and J. M & S. Co. signage.

And apparently in later years the company came to be known as John Moses & Sons Co. I would date this bowl as being circa 1900, with the possibility that it was made in the mid- to late 1890s.










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