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Buffalo China has been in business since 1901 in Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo made china flips in larger sizes than most companies. This one in the Geranium pattern is 11 3/8" wide by 6 7/8" high. It has also been found in plain white.

Marked semi-vitrified, it is heavily crazed and would most likely date to 1905, when they began production of cobalt underglazes, and possibly as late as 1915.

It has a central metal divider and was intended to be for cheese and cracker service on a hotel buffet or a bar. The lid was manufactured by Geo. A. Ray Mfg. Co. of Buffalo, N.Y.

Also shown is the same big flip in much better condition, in white.


A slightly smaller version, but still with a divider down the center, has also been found in white and Buffalo's Colorido Ware, a laminated yellow shown below. Colorido was added to Buffalo's line in 1929 to the early 1930s. These bowls are approximately 8" wide by 5 1/4" high.

Note the Rayco name stamped above the Colorido Ware stamp. I've seen Rayco stamped on many Buffalo flip lids, and think the name might be an acronym for Geo. A. Ray Mfg. Co., the maker of the flip's lid above.



These flips are proportionately shorter than they are wide at 5 5/8" wide by almost 2" high.

The green one has a MEDCO lid; the white one's is made by Bloomfield Industries.

The bowl above is 5 3/4" wide by 3 5/8" high and has two separate hinges, rather than the usual continuous piano-style. In spite of its obvious glaze issues, it has quite a large knob proportional to its size and is very well constructed and very heavy.

The ring attached to the bowl and the lid are both copper or brass. Its backstamp is dated 1919. Click on photos for larger images.

Like the bowl above, some of the older Buffalo flips have been found with interesting keyhold cutouts for spoons, rather than just the usual simple slot.





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