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Glasgow Pottery - John Moses & Co.

Mercer Pottery

O.P.Co. – Syracuse China

Bloomfield Industries
Corning Glass Works

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This is one of two pieces I've seen of Anchor Hocking glass with a flip top.

It is 6" wide by 5 1/4" high. Its lid manufacturer was Utilities Specialties. It has an impressed anchor in the center of an "H" as its backstamp.

This piece is not as heavy as most flips intended for commercial use, and we wonder if it was used as part of Hoosier cabinet cannister sets.








This deep green flip has been identified for me by the Glass Chatroom Board as a small Forest Green Splash Proof Mixing Bowl, made mid-century by Anchor Hocking. It is 5 5/8" wide and 4" high. And it was teamed up with a lid made by Gemco Manufacturing Co., still in business today.






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