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It finally hit me with this site revision that two marks I've seen on flips – CHAMCO and Carl H. Arwe Manufacturing Company – belong to the same company.

While looking in a Google book, "Modern Hospital, Volume 19," I found several ads for CHAMCO products, all seemingly provided by Arwe. Then I put it together: CHA=Carl H. Arwe; M=Manufacturing; and of course CO=Company. Click here to see one of the ads.


I feel certain that CHAMCO ordered the bowls for their flips, but as metal restaurant equipment manufacturers, I do feel confident that they did fabricate the lids.

Above is an example of the bowls' backstamps. At left is a photo of the underside of a lid.

At right is a heavy metal piece with the CHAMCO logo. It could have been a salesman's souvenir paperweight, or it could have been attached to one of the company's products, such as their large coffee urns. This metal piece also advertises F.E. Fowler Co., one of the "well known mercantile houses of New Haven," according to this link.

The business was established by Carl H. Arwe's father, Anton Henry August Arwe, in 1870 (the year Carl was born) and located at DeKalb and Wilson avenues in Brooklyn, N.Y. Upon Anton's death and as part of his will, Carl purchased the business for $1. Carl died on Dec. 21, 1935.




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